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Flying private jet gives you luxury, privacy and security you can’t experience on any commercial flight.

Whether business trips, sparkling turquoise waters and powdery sand beaches, breathtaking globe adventures, sightseeing or shopping, you choose when you want to fly and where you want to land, check in 20 minutes before flight, vip lounges, fast passport control allow you to enjoy comfort and save your valuable time.

365 Luxury Travel has access to selection of 9000 of aircrafts available for charters globally.

  • wide variety of charter

    We provide you with wide variety of charter options such as helicopters, private, executive jets, VIP and commercial airliners.

  • highest safety standards

    Through our network of operators who provide the highest safety standards and latest technologies our team of qualified managers achieves best cost effective solutions, carefully matched to your demands.

We offer our clients individual access to charter booking portal where they can quickly and easily create and manage their inquiries, provide all information in one place and receive all necessary flight documents such as confirmations, agreements and check lists.

Through our charter portal we provide you with confidence and clarity that everything has been arranged according to your charter requirements and needs. Contact us directly to get your login and password.

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Book a jet

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