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We tailor travel plans for bigger groups of passengers. We have access to props, light and heavy jets or wide and narrow body commercial aircrafts.

Music and entertainment tours, sports events, luxury holidays, transport and concierge services or pets on jets our qualified team delivers the right aircraft and service to support your charter requirements. We provide flexible and hassle free solutions for variety of businesses.

We also partner with concierge services agencies all around the world to provide door to door services. We arrange your transportation, accommodation and activities. We will tailor your luxury holidays or get VIP tickets for best most wanted entertainment or sports events.

  • each requirements

    We deliver right aircrafts for sport, music and entertainment tours and corporate or politics trips.

  • personal needs

    We can organize corporate aircraft branding, personalize cabin interior, prepare exclusive, custom made menus or even serve meal from your favorite restaurant to make your flight unforgettable and extraordinary.

When medical transport is required private jets can also turn into air ambulance or medevac aircraft.

To receive fast medical transfer solution please provide us with patient’s medical records, contact information to patient’s doctor or hospital and contact to receiving hospital. Our qualified team is available 24b hours to make sure the patient gets the best care and the safest transport.

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